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The weather is here and its the end of the Q1 2010, so…where’s the biz?

by TimAsinger 1. April 2010 02:24
It seems there were a lot of discussions last year that the recession would some how end in 2010, most likely the end of the first quarter and we would all move along nicely with our business, lifes and family etc. Well, its the end of Q1 2010 and it sure would be nice to have that cerystal ball shined up and see the that Q2 will be better. There are signs that our typical industries here in North West PA are starting to pick up and that's a good sign. The weather is certainly here! There are currently signs that things are heating up as steel prices seem to be jumping for our metal building system components (pre-engineered metal buildings), rebar etc. One good sign is that concrete looks to be stable this year. Real, solid opportunities seem to be coming everyone's way recently and we look at that as a positive sign for the balance of the year. The Marcellus shale play is certainly offering plenty of opportunities for those related to that type of business.


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